Bob Klunk discusses omnichannel fulfillment.

St. Louis, Missouri – December 17, 2014 – Join Bob Klunk's video blog for a discussion on omnichannel fulfillment.


Jeff Winn Joins DM Fulfillment Management Team

St. Louis, Missouri – November 17, 2014 –DM Fulfillment is pleased to announce the addition of Jeff Winn as Director of Client Operations. In this role, Jeff will leverage his 24 years of experience in the logistics and transportation field to ensure best-in-class service levels for our customers and partners. Overseeing critical functions such as client onboarding, e-commerce integration, account services and support, Jeff will work closely with a seasoned group of professionals, bringing a hands-on approach to simplifying difficult, critical processes. "We're excited to have Jeff on board," said Greg Welchans, DM Fulfillment President. "Jeff brings a wealth of industry experience and knowledge that will be invaluable to our ever-expanding organization. His skill sets augment and complement our already strong customer services group to further support operational efficiency, effectiveness and the highest possible service levels."


The Changing M&A Environment – What’s next?

Our October luncheon with guest speaker is Mrs. Cathy Roberson–Senior Analyst, Transport Intelligence. Thursday, October 23, 2014. Crowne Plaza-Clayton, Missouri. Changes are in the midst for the logistics market. Mergers and acquisitions are up as such trends as an improving US economy and nearshoring take hold. What else is driving this growth? Who’s buying whom? Who’s at risk? What is the outlook? Overview of the 2013 market and 2014 market to date Trends driving the growth of M&A activity ...


3 Platforms for Global Presence

By Kate Franks, Fulfillment Advisor There’s something very exciting about seeing an order from a client’s online store travel at lightning speed from their platform through our order management system and off to one of our DCs for processing. In that moment, I put myself in the client’s shoes. I imagine that I woke up one day with a nagging feeling in my gut — an idea for a product that would improve my life and others. Then, after careful consideration I placed a bet on myself and launched a business. Now, here I am watching orders flow. I’d feel pretty freaking brave and cool; empowered. I love how Kick Starter and other venues make it possible to try out an idea with little investment. I love that an entrepreneur can see their dream actualized without draining their retirement account. Can you imagine how many times an entrepreneur probably heard no or received a less-than-enthusiastic response but carried on anyway? For those that withstand the naysayers, they reach a point in the journey where they need a global presence to really find an audience. E-commerce is the answer and there are some great platforms out there. Your own online ...


Keeping that “little neighborhood boutique” feel

I'm a sucker for good packaging. Maybe it stems from my marketing and advertising background, but there's something to be said for ordering an item that arrives as if it's been personally gift wrapped just for me. Christen Michel, a client of DM Fulfillment, has always wanted to deliver her GLOW skin care products wrapped in a way that felt personal rather than "big business." It was an easy challenge to tackle when she was doing her own shipping from the loft of her home, but her brand started building a reputation and business started taking off. "I realized that working on the shipping aspect of my business was not a good use of my time," said Ms. Michel. Her new challenge was to find a fulfillment partner that could help her deliver that "little neighborhood boutique" feel while also keeping up with demand. We are pleased that DM Fulfillment was able to address her concerns and deliver an exceptional customer experience. "I felt really comfortable after meeting with DM Fulfillment. I knew it was a good fit because all the worries and anxiety I had about making the leap were gone after my meeting with Kathy and ...


Will eCommerce Eat Retail?

The last ten years have been a headlong rush into eCommerce. It feels as though Amazon will take over the world. Mall-anchor and Big Box retailers are struggling while online sales offer double-digit year-over-year growth.  What's going to happen? Then, you have pioneers like Apple and Bonobos expanding or entering the brick and mortar world of retail. Have they not been paying attention? Of course they have, and they've realized that the only way to compete is to move beyond a standalone e-Commerce presence. Bonobos is in the game to win and recently hired a Director of Retail. With "eCommerce as the Bear" and Amazon the Alpha predator, physical presence is the slingshot, David. It used to be that "Showrooming" was feared, but now when I shop at my favorite men's apparel store, it's a combination of trying on clothes and making purchases both from in-store merchandise and additional styles or sizes online to complete my selection. Apple led the way, and not everyone thought it was a good idea when Apple opened its first retail stores, but I was there. I ran the fulfillment operation for daily point-of-sale replenishment when the Apple stores opened, and I ...


MINNEAPOLIS, June 24, 2014 – SPS Commerce, Inc. (Nasdaq: SPSC), a leader in retail cloud services, today announced that its Universal Network is enabling third-party logistics providers (3PLs) to stay ahead of the increasingly complex fulfillment needs of omnichannel retail. Logistics companies including DM Fulfillment have chosen to integrate to the SPS Universal Network using Retail Standard XML (RSX) as a critical capability in their omnichannel fulfillment businesses. With a single connection to SPS Commerce, the retail industry's largest trading partner network, these logistics firms efficiently support their customers' trading partner omnichannel fulfillment requirements, including the rapidly expanding direct-to-consumer delivery. "Suppliers and retailers are looking to their 3PL partners to meet the ever-changing expectations of today's consumer for rapid delivery of a rapidly expanding assortment of products," said Peter Zaballos, vice president of marketing and product at SPS Commerce. "By connecting once to the SPS Universal Network, 3PLs can support their omnichannel customers by seamlessly fulfilling orders originating from stores, mobile apps, e-commerce sites and other channels. 3PLs taking advantage of these agile capabilities are leading the omnichannel era." In early 2014, DM Fulfillment added SPS's Universal Network integration to its omnichannel fulfillment capabilities, effortlessly accessing hundreds of retailers with a single ...


Strategic Alliance with GOLD3PL

DM Fulfillment Announces Strategic Alliance with GOLD3PL St. Louis, Missouri – May 30, 2014 – DM Fulfillment, a division of Distribution Management (DM), has developed a strategic alliance with Dallas, Texas based GOLD3PL, Inc. (G3PL). This alliance will expand DM Fulfillment’s presence in the Dallas, Texas region where it currently operates a state-of-the-art Distribution Center as part of its national distribution footprint. This alliance will leverage DM’s highly automated fulfillment services to provide G3PL additional resources to support its growing and diversified revenue and customer base. “The win-win and synergies gained by this partnership will help increase the value of both our organizations while supporting a positive customer experience,” said Sean Fleming, CEO of Distribution Management. “The technology and infrastructure of DM allows G3 to provide speed to shelf for all customers, in today’s JIT environment this partnership guarantee’s our customer’s maximum service levels while maintaining competitive pricing,” said Gary Ruchlin, President of GOLD3PL, Inc.


Build trust through authenticity – 5 best practices

I can’t really say I pride myself on being authentic, because to do so would mean I put a lot of effort into it. What I CAN say is that I’m proud to be described by my peers as authentic. Like Popeye says, “I yam what I yam.” I guess I just really enjoy connecting with other people, because that's truly what it's all about. I recently invited an industry colleague to lunch for the simple purpose of meeting him and hearing about his professional journey. After nearly 2 hours of conversation, he asked what I wanted out of the meeting. It’s hard not to assume people have ulterior motives. I explained that I thought he was an interesting person with a similar background and I wanted the chance to know him. His response — “That’s what I thought, but it’s so rare I had to ask.” We recognized each other as authentic, no hidden agendas. I walked away from that meeting having learned that this gentleman has a specific goal that I am uniquely qualified to make a profound impact upon. I made a connection with him because I was willing to be me and now I have an opportunity to help ...


UPS SurePost® for Reduced Cost Residential Delivery

DM Fulfillment announces UPS SurePost® as an additional ground delivery service. UPS SurePost® is an economy, residential ground service for packages that weigh one to nine pounds and are not time sensitive. This is a complimentary service to UPS Mail Innovations® already available through DM Fulfillment, offering similar service levels and cost benefits for packages weighing less than a pound. “We’re excited to offer UPS SurePost® to our partners as it provides a low-cost residential shipping option ideal for low weight, low value shipments that don’t necessarily have time sensitive delivery requirements,” said Rick Goe, Vice President, Supply Chain. UPS SurePost® utilizes the U.S. Postal Service® for final delivery with available tracking options. Four to seven business days is the projected delivery time, depending on distance of travel, thus making it an ideal and practical logistics solutions when transit is not time-sensitive.