World Class Systems

Systematize Your Processes and Make Your Life Easier

Our world class systems will help simplify your business and take the headache out of logistics so you can focus on what you’re good at — YOUR BUSINESS. You can count on DMF to use proven, up-to-date technologies that will enable you to be more productive and efficient. DMF systems are so automated and efficient that our cutoff time is much later than most distributors: 6pm local time in each distribution center with same day shipping. In addition, because of the technology put in place, there is minimal opportunity for human error.


“We pride ourselves on not being an off-shored, revolving door of outsourced programmers. We have a dedicated team of internal, high-level software engineers dedicated to our custom, state-of-the-art WMS. We are nimble and can develop new functionality quickly and accurately.” Michelle Kaufmann, Director of Information Technology.

Actualize Balance in Your Business

We understand running a business can be tough. We want to take the pressure off of you to perform on so many levels. We offer the marketing support you need to sell more. Use your own custom branded Drop-In-The-Box, a unique print on demand message to your customer, included in every shipment. Because it’s printed on-demand with customer-specific information, you don’t need to stock marketing materials or try to predict how much you need. That saves you money and means you’ll never be out-of-stock on marketing materials! We trigger different literature based on SKU.

Harmonize Ordering and Tracking

DMF has multiple options to connect via EDI and web services for orders. So, if you have a provider you are currently working with or need a recommendation for a new one, we are here to help. Not only can you place orders electronically but DMF will give you real-time freight quotes and honor those estimates. This ensures that you’ll charge the correct freight to your customer. You will also enjoy web services for real-time QOH at any moment that will also feed into your system.

  • •  We scan and keep your packing slips so you can ask for one at any time
  • •  Full order management system with automated cross-shipping
  • •  Multiple invoicing options with as much or little detail as you want
  • •  Work order tracking on any requests you make to us for custom work
  • •  Custom reports are delivered to you automatically
  • •  Detailed supply routing labels ensure your product gets to the right building and the right person within that building
  • •  Precise tracking: track what units came in on any given shipment.
  • •  Exceptional documentation and analysis for continual improvement of your ordering and tracking